Monday, 30 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 5: It All Comes Together

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker

12/08/18 Recon
The lights seemed to be congregating several thousand feet over the barn, and the agents decided to park the SUV behind a "surveillance bush" and observe the situation before making a move.  Both the farmhouse and barn appeared to be abandoned, but a light within the barn flashed as the flying lights passed over it, and then disappeared.  Juan proposed using their last incendiary grenade to burn everything down, and went in alone to do recon, as neither David nor Victor were trained at infiltration.

Up close, Juan noticed that the ground floor windows and doors appeared to be blocked with something, but the hay loft was open.  Through the loft doors, the top floor looked empty.  There were no ladders or rope around, and, after some internal debate over whether or not to just firebomb the barn without more recon, radioed back to the others to meet up with him at the farmhouse about one hundred meters away, where they'd hopefully find something.

The agents checked around and found an old shack with a rusted lock, which they forced open.  The dim light of their smartphone screens revealed a ladder and several gas cans.  Juan took the ladder and headed back to the barn, alone, while the others went back to the surveillance bush.  He set up the ladder, and went into the hay loft.

Looking down on the ground floor, the inner walls had all been removed, some kind of goo was slathered up against all of the walls, and a bunch of 5'-tall grey aliens were using several strange organic-looking devices, and monitoring a human boy in a tube.  Juan was entirely unphased by this, crawled back down to the ladder, for ease of escape, and threw the incendiary grenade.

*Incoherent Screaming*
After about 6 seconds, nothing had happened, so Juan called for backup and started to climb back up into the loft.  As he did, something flew out and tried to attack him, but he somehow managed to fight it off with his kung-fu.  He made it up, stayed crouched to deny line of sight to as much of the ground floor as possible, and the same fungus-looking thing appeared with a blink of light and jumped, restraining him.

David floored it towards the barn, but it'd be a while before he and Victor arrived.  Juan felt something penetrate his torso, shouted "FUCK ALIENS", and let off a burst from his rifle, which somehow hit despite only having one hand free, knocking the thing back.  He found his thoughts muddled, but continued screaming and fired off another burst which caused some sorts of goo and chunks to fall off of it.

David and Victor finally made it to the barn and started up the ladder, while another burst from Juan seemed to pass through the beast as it "picked up" the chunk that had fallen off and used it to fire off a flash of lightning shot just past Juan's face, splintering the wall behind him.  Victor turned on his flashlight and opened fire with his shotgun, but they also had no effect.  In the background, David heard the sound of a helicopter approaching.

The thing, apparently not liking its chances, then flashed outside and away from the barn, and continued to do so while Juan let off another ineffectual burst, and the other two started down the ladder to the SUV to give chase.  Juan jumped down to the SUV's roof, but missed his footing and slid off onto the ground.  Just as everyone had finished loading up, the helicopter, apparently a gunship, swooped over the barn and opened fire with an autocannon, utterly shredding the thing.

The Cavalry?
Juan yelled out something about "kid" and "barn", and David turned the SUV around.  Victor tried to contact the helicopter over radio, while David and Juan tried the front door, but couldn't cut through the goo, and headed back up the ladder, through the loft, and down into the barn.  The greys were lying on the ground unmoving, and, after asking David to inspect one, Juan killed the rest.  Unfortunately, David did not speak "drugged up screaming man", and just shot the grey.  Juan finished off the rest, and then cut the kid free from the tube.

Victor waited for a response, from the chopper, but got none, while Juan and David emerged from the barn, Juan carrying the kid.  The helicopter landed, followed shortly by a second, and a half-dozen armed men in orange hazmat suits got out and charged forward, yelling at the agents to get on the ground, which they did.  Another man, in tactical gear and apparently the guy in charge, came over to interrogate them.

Victor and David were uncooperative, claiming that there was "nothing in the barn", and, after that had been proven false, claimed it was "classified".  The leader tried questioning Juan, but he was barely able to grunt out "doctor".  Seeing his state, the leader then said something in an incomprehensible language (though Victor made out "Shub-Niggurath"), and Juan felt instantly better.  Now able to speak, Juan just told the guy what happened, because he clearly wasn't buying the "we didn't see nothin'" angle.

With that done, the leader said that the agents seemed "a little green around the gills", and proposed that they just forget this whole thing.  He insisted on confiscating their SUV and equipment, however, ensuring that the agents all wanted him dead.  They started to slog back to where they'd hidden the white pick-up, and saw the helicopters, now loaded with a bunch of equipment underneath, fly overhead.  Once they arrived at the truck, they drove back into town.

Loose Ends
Back at the Hurricane Inn, the agents went to check on Jane before getting some sleep, only to find that she had was unconscious and covered in blood and viscera.  David determined she had miscarried her alien baby, and the agents called 911 and handed her off to the paramedics.  Before going to sleep, they removed all of the taps/bugs around the Inn.

They tested themselves and the water in the tap with the indicator fluid, and found that they no longer showed purple; a trip to the reservoir and subsequent testing there confirmed that it, too, was no longer infected.  The agents put in a call to Derringer to call off the quarantine, and requested a ride back to Knoxville.  They also went to the front desk and decided to flash badges and say that Jane was a witness in potential danger who had miscarried to cover the mess in her room.

The agents went to Sheriff Dan and told him that there were no signs of drug activity and that Billy-Rae Spivey was just a kid who got in over his head, which he seemed happy to hear.  The indicator fluid + instructions (copied onto a non-marked piece of paper) were left back at the green box.  They decided to just leave the white truck in the parking lot, and got a ride back out to Knoxville early the next morning in another black SUV.

On the way, Juan asked after what had happened to "the suspect", and the driver said that he had tried to escape and was put down.  They made their way back to the airport, said their goodbyes, and headed back to their respective homes, waiting for the next time they were needed.

Our WWII-era incendiary grenade didn't work!  What are the odds?!

Nobody failed a SAN test all session.  The party, when confronted with aliens and unspeakable cosmic horrors: "Meh".

I was very convinced that Juan had been injected with something along the lines of "space AIDS super acid", but it was just anti-memory juice.

We all agreed that the ending sucked: a drastically overpowered group that we had no way of dealing with shows up with multiple attack helicopters and steals all of our shit.  The leader NPC was compared unfavourably to Harlequin from the Shadowrun adventure of the same name.

The protomatter infection just kind of being "solved" was pretty lame also.

Well, the thing(s) behind everything were Mi-Go (myself and David were right!).  The GM reduced the number of Mi-Go, and then rolled 1, the lowest possible.  We compared the stats for the Mi-Go between the old and new books, and they have received substantial buffs, so this makes sense.

Apparently, at some point in the adventure, one of us should have been abducted and vital organs replaced with protomatter, which would end with them dead once we took out the greys.  He thought that was kind of lame, so we all got to live.

We might play more Delta Green in the future, though we'd probably just use GURPS in the future.  For now, though, another player is going to run a kind of cyberpunk game where we play androids on the run from the corporation that created them.

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