Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 3

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker

10/08/18 Contamination

The agents read the instructions for the indicator fluid/"bleach", which told them to spray the suspected target liberally, and that it was mildly caustic ("Do Not Ingest").  Juan grabbed a spray bottle out of the bathroom, cleaned it, filled it with some of the indicator fluid, and then sprayed everybody on the forearm.  The fluid burned a bit and then turned slightly pink, causing 1 SAN loss each.  A test on the tapwater revealed it to be more pink, justifying their decision to buy bottled water.

Somebody remembered that Scott was supposed to be checking out today, so the party got a different room for Jane for a couple more days, again paying cash and continuing to use the "gay lovers" cover.  The agents then moved Jane and all of the supplies in Scott's room to the new one with no issues (though they did make sure to loop the cameras while doing it), and then they headed off to their meeting with Joseph Allen, making sure to bring a handful of audio bugs with them.

Joseph Allen

A different young man was working reception, listening to headphones and not paying attention (Juan: "Millenials, the worst of all monsters"), but got the Alderman for them once they got his attention.  Everybody took a look around for surveillance equipment, and found a single camera watching the reception area.  Joseph, an older man in a suit, came out and introductions were made before he led them back into a meeting room (a smaller side room, not the main one where people had been making noise the night before).

Monday, 9 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 2

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker

09/08/18 Room 109

Juan was able to calm Jane down, and they ushered her back into Room 109 before she could make more of a scene.  A brief interview ensued, followed by a medical examination by David, where they gained the following information:
  • Jane had experienced missing time, but was unsure of how long.  She left the house one day and was immediately back at her front door some time later.
  • She was eating about 3 times more than normal.
  • She had the same glazed look as her mother when asked about her family and why she tried to hide the pregnancy.
  • Billy-Rae Spivey was the father.
  • The pregnancy was proceeding far faster than normal (6 months in 1).
  • She healed at an accelerated rate (the hole from a needle used to take a blood sample closed instantly).
  • Scott had offered to help her and find a doctor.  He hadn't been back in two days.

Honeymoon Suite

While David performing his examination, Juan and Victor suited up in gloves, booties, and face masks, and headed up to the honeymoon suite and unlocked the front door with a lockpick gun.  The door was jammed closed by a towel along the floor, and had to be forced open.  The unit was dark, as blankets had been taped up against the windows, and smelled strongly of death.  The lights didn't work, the bulbs having been removed, so Juan brought out his tac light, and they searched the place.

In the bedroom, they found two piles of clothes, one folded neatly, the other messily thrown together.  Victor grabbed a laptop and shoved it in an evidence bag, to be cracked later.  Juan headed towards the bathroom, where the stench was stronger, and opened the door to reveal a dark-haired man in his mid-30's sitting in a blood-filled tub, his wrists slit and a hairless, white bulge of flesh on the right side of his skull.  His appearance matched Scott, and Juan and Victor headed back to grab David to do an autopsy.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 1

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
A family doctor until his father died in suspicious circumstances.  When the police failed to come up with anything more concrete, he decided to change careers and became an FBI field agent operating out of Virginia.  For several years, he was partnered with Agent Yung, who was secretly a member of the program, until he, too, was recruited.

Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
After several years as an undercover agent planted in a gang in San Antonio to catch a cartel higher-up known as "El Tiburon", Juan opted for the "more stable" life of a DEA field agent, got married, and had a kid.  During a raid on a cartel warehouse, he uncovered a group of cultists performing a human sacrifice using a crystal dagger, and burned the place down by faking a meth lab explosion.

Juan thought he had covered his tracks, but somehow, someone had noticed what he had done.  Instead of being arrested, however, they offered him a place in their organisation, which he foolishly accepted.

Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker
A hacker who never moved out of his mom's house in San Francisco (totally only for financial reasons, the market's crazy), Victor is an aficionado in UFOs, new age magic, and all kinds of other internet conspiracies.  One day, he stumbled onto the "Turkey Organization", a cult that seemed to be actually kidnapping people, and called out to his older brother, Charlie, for help.

The cult turned out to have kidnapped a dozen people, and had conjured some sort of otherworldly avian monster.  Charlie was able to destroy the monster, and the cultists were arrested for their crimes.  "Luckily", the cult had scraped out their captives' eyes and tongues, so nobody other than Charlie or the cultists had seen the turkey monster.  Charlie was recruited to the program first, and Victor soon followed, after receiving his brother's recommendation.

07/08/18 Cover

Victor found a sealed letter on his desk towards the end of the day, and found that it was an invitation to a "birthday party" in Knoxville at the FBI field office at 8AM the next day.  The card told him to bring "lots of presents", so he picked up a stuffed bear on the way to the airport after saying goodbye to his mom and typing off a bogus e-mail about his "grandmother's funeral" to his boss.

David got a call from Agent Yung, who asked him to attend a retirement party in his stead for "Bob" at the FBI field office in Knoxville, Tennessee, the next morning at 8AM sharp.  He left a message for his boss that relayed the exact same story, and headed on his way.

Juan's boss came into his office late in the afternoon and informed him that he'd been assigned to a task force working out of Knoxville under somebody called Delilah Gordon, who had apparently worked with him before and had pulled a lot of strings to get him transferred.  The Administration had already booked him a flight leaving that night, and, after a quick goodbye to his wife and son, he was on his way to Tennessee.

Friday, 22 June 2018

GURPS Blood Drive Session 10A

Benedict Con - Humourless Repairman
Geordi Hawking - Callous Rifleman
Kaktis - Super-Strong Cactus Mutant
The Automocar - AI-Driven Armoured Car NPC

The Chase
Dr. Smiley followed after the party and jumped over to the other causeway, leaving the Automocar alone, but Ben gunned it over some dirt ramps and managed to gain even more distance.  Ahead, the causeway was broken, but a pile of wrecked cars formed a coincidental ramp, and Ben took the Doom Buggy over it and jumped to the other side.  Dr. Smiley's monster truck was too heavy, and deformed the cars as he went over, ruining his jump; only one wheel touched the other side of the causeway before the monster truck fell into the ocean and exploded.

The Safe Zone
The party and the Automocar continued uninterrupted down the rest of the causeway to the scorch-marked sloped concrete walls of the safe zone, and past a heavy metal outer gate.  A trio of high-tech turrets locked onto both the Doom Buggy and the Automocar for a moment, but turned away just as quickly.  Geordi noticed that a handful of small flying machines with cameras were hovering overhead, when two vertical sliding doors opened on the walls in front of them and green indicators above them lit up.

Inside was a narrow tunnel, lit dimly by small lights along the spotless concrete floor.  Kaktis and the Automocar "high-fived" with their turrets, and the two vehicles went inside.  After 5 minutes driving through a series of winding tunnels and intersections with other, closed and unlit, doors, they arrived at the end of the line: a one-car garage with a doorway far too small for the Doom Buggy.  The same feminine robotic voice they had heard in Orlando now instructed them to strip, leave their gear in the provided receptacles, and proceed into the decontamination chamber.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

GURPS Blood Drive Session 10

Benedict Con - Humourless Repairman
Geordi Hawking - Callous Rifleman
Kaktis - Super-Strong Cactus Mutant
Krin - Bald, Numb Mechanic NPC

Prep Time
Ben and Geordi spent the first couple days repairing some of the water-logged gear from the flooded armoury, and then sold the rest for NanoBoost and car parts, which they used to upgrade the Doom Buggy's armour at the cost of speed and handling.  Kaktis, meanwhile, went about looking for a recruit to fill their fourth seat; unfortunately, Ben, between Bully, Callous, Jealousy, and Hates Nerds managed to chase off Prim and Newton, both skilled gunmen.  In the end, though, the party managed to recruit Krin, a bald female mechanic, who installed a spare blood drive grinder from the wreck of her old crew's ride.

Kaktis spent a day asking around, and found out that the gang that patrolled the outskirts of the Safe Zone were known as the Neon Demons, and were led by a madman in a giant truck named Mr. Smiley.  He then managed to recruit two more crews to form a convoy of sorts; three mutants (through kind words and aid), and four teens whose families had been killed by the Neon Demons (through violence and threats).

The First Leg
Early in the morning on the 8th day since their arrival, an announcement came from loudspeakers located all around Orlando.  A smooth, robotic feminine voice declared that the gates of the Safe Zone were open for the next 5 hours.  The party, and Krin, got suited up in their armour, loaded up all their guns, NanoBoost, and car parts, and set out, along with 30 or so other vehicles.

Despite warnings that the best way to avoid Neon Demon patrols was to go off-road in the swamps, the party opted to stick to the highway to take best advantage of both the other drivers, and their own "meatshield" convoy.  The teens blew a tire on a spike strip, and Ben just abandoned them because he's so Callous, so the mutants' morale took a hit.  Shortly, a swarm of neon-painted cars and motorcycles emerged from the swamp off the road in front of the large group of friendlies, and everybody split off to try to break pursuit.

Two bikes and two cars peeled off to follow the party and the mutants, and one of the passengers tried to jump onto the Doom Buggy but was splattered when Ben slammed on the brakes and ran him over, but a second landed on the hood of the mutants' car and kept his footing.  The cars pulled up alongside to open fire, and one of the mutant passengers had his chest blown open by a shotgun blast.

Geordi took aim with his shotgun and then killed the guy on the hood of the mutant's car, while Kaktis fired a burst from the turret's LMG and took out a bandit driver, but the shotgunner reached over and grabbed the wheel.  Krin's semi-auto shotgun, a gift from the party, injured the other car's driver, but they were still able to drive.

Ben took a revolver shot to the torso, which was absorbed from the armour, but Geordi took a grazing hit to his unarmoured face, and retaliated with a burst from his shotgun that killed the offending bandit.  Kaktis spun and unloaded on one of the motorcycles, shredding the rider and sending the bike spinning off the road, while the chase rounded a corner and Ben sped ahead of the Demons, ending at Short range.

The remaining bandits were unable to inflict any damage at range, bouncing a single revolver bullet off of Kaktis' heavy combat armour.  Geordi took out the shotgunner who had taken over driving the one car, Kaktis took out the remaining motorcycle by hitting its gas tank, causing it to explode and send the driver into the stratosphere, and the remaining car retreated, leaving the party to continue on their trek to the Safe Zone.

An Old Friend
Off on sidestreets to the right of the raised highway, Kaktis saw the heavily-armoured, automated car he had met back in Junction with one flat tire being pursued by a Neon Demon pickup truck splattered with pink and yellow paint.  A harpoon gun was mounted in the bed, and the raider manning it fired a harpoon which latched into the rear of the robot car.  The party universally agreed to help, and Ben jumped the car off the highway through a gap in the concrete barrier.

Geordi opened fire and spooked the driver of the truck, who crit-failed a Dodge and sped into a concrete divider, flipping the car and crushing the gunner.  Kaktis jumped out of the Doom Buggy as they sped past, and punched one of the bandits hard enough to collapse his lungs as they crawled out of the wreck, and the other surrendered; Kaktis just walked away and let the Demon live.

Kaktis then took point and talked to the automated car, which greeted him and thanked him for the assistance.  The party, led by Geordi, used some of their car parts and took 30 minutes to repair its tire and some other damage from the harpoon gun, and the car agreed to help them on their way to the Safe Zone.

The Second Leg
With 4 hours remaining, the party ignored the carnage they passed on the road, and were likewise-ignored by the other refugees.  Ben remarked that their convoy was better than when they had started, now that they had lost the teenagers.  Shortly, they saw a walled outpost right beside the highway around a water tower adorned with a giant smiley face in neon yellow paint, with a river to the north and ruins to the south.

For some reason, the party decided to just drive right on past them than sneak around, and were immediately set upon by a large force of garishly-painted Neon Demon vehicles that emerged from the outpost consisting of two each of trucks with harpoon guns, cars, and motorcycles.  A pair of Demons boarded the mutants, and the cars tried to ram them, but failed.  The trucks opened fire and Ben nimbly dodged one harpoon, but the second sailed straight through the windshield and directly into Krin's chest, doing 72 injury after her riot armour and instantly killing her.

More handgun fire inflicted light blunt trauma through Geordi's armour, and some damage on the cars and in response, the automocar deployed a rotating LMG mount (Serendipity from Geordi to give him a weapon) and opened fire, taking out a truck's tire, slowing them down.  Geordi took out one of the boarders on the mutant car, but Kaktis just missed with his burst.  Ben continued to duck and weave, and the Demons' trucks and cars tried to ram again, but only managed to take out one of their own motorcycles when the mutants' driver juked out of the way.

The Demons' passengers' shots were all either dodged or went wide, because they gave up trying to hit through the Doom Buggy's armour, though one of the boarders hit the mutant driver through the windshield.  Geordi took out the other boarder, but Kaktis' machine gun jammed, so he started to ready his cinderblocks.  Ben managed to expertly weave between two wrecked cars and broke out to Medium range.

The flat tired truck's harpoon gunner missed badly and hit a telephone pole, which brought it to an abrupt stop and took it out of the chase.  The mutants and automocar exchanged fire with the banditos, but neither did any major damage.  Geordi failed to take a motorcyclist out of the way, but Kaktis actually succeeded at throwing a cinderblock at a speeding car about 30 feet away, and slightly injured those inside.

With most of their vehicles taken out, the Neon Demons dropped back, and allowed the party to continue.  Kaktis asked Krin to repair the gun turret, and then Geordi, when he realized she was dead, suggested they throw her into the grinder ("Grinder to grinder, blood to blood").  While they drove, Geordi repaired Kaktis' jammed LMG so he'd have something other than his cinderblocks to use.

Geordi noticed an electrical tingling and his hair standing on end just in time to shout "HYPERSTORM" before a tornado hit the ground shortly in front of their car, as a heavy deluge and hurrican-strength winds battered the car.  Lightning bolts surged out of the storm and towards the cars, and Ben crit-failed his Dodge roll, and got hit by two, frying the car and its inhabitants.  As quickly as it appeared, the storm dissipated, and they inspected their allies to see how they had faired.

The automocar had managed to avoid the worst of the lightning and seemed no worse for wear, but the mutants' car had broken down.  Ben refused to stop, and they abandoned their second group of allies... before stopping after a few minutes down the road so that Geordi could repair the damage to the Doom Buggy.  They also popped one NanoBoost each, which fully restored everybody's HP before the final battle.

The Last Leg
In the distance, the party could see a pair of long, two-lane causeways, which had had many concrete barriers, piles of dirt, and other miscellaneous crap strewn across them.  As they approached the close side, an ear-splitting roar from the loudest engine anyone had ever heard split the air, and a monster truck painted with a giant smiley face jumped onto the road behind them and opened fire with a turret.

Ben deftly wove his way around the debris, but found it difficult to gain ground because the monster truck just drove over the dirt ramps and easily kept pace while an LMG gunner opened fire and hit Kaktis with a trio of bullets to the torso, only for him to take no damage thanks to his combat armour.  He returned fire, and took a big chunk out of the tire, but not enough to blow it.  The automocar jammed its gun during a burst, and fell back to let the party take care of the monster truck.

Geordi, meanwhile, switched to his laser shotgun and fired a (6x10 RoF!) burst at the gunner, through the window, and was able to penetrate the apparently armoured glass and slightly burn the gunner with several beams.  In an attempt to widen the gap, Ben took the Doom Buggy over the ramps, and managed to maintain control.  Mr. Smiley tried to ram into their car and crush it, but Ben dodged by going underneath him after a jump.

Mr. Smiley's gunner landed a decent burst, and did more damage to the Buggy than Kaktis or Geordi, even though both were hit multiple times.  Geordi and Kaktis continued to shoot the gunner and tires, respectively, chipping away at their HP.  Ben continued jumpin' the ramps, but the Buggy (and its passengers) got slightly crushed as Mr. Smiley brought his monster truck down on top of them; luckily, their upgraded armour brought the damage down from 25 damage to only 15.

More fully-automatic fire from Mr. Smiley's gunner hit Kaktis twice; the first inflicted only light blunt trauma through his combat armour, while the second hit him in the face, but his mutated organs meant he took only 1 point of injury.  Geordi fired another burst with his laser shotgun, and finished melting the armoured glass in front of the gunner away.  Ben took a ramp and (with 20 MoS on his Driving) jumped over to the adjacent causeway, and made it to Long range!  Concrete walls became visible in the distance; they were just a few kilometres from the Safe Zone.

No XP, as this is the finale.  I'm 90% sure Kaktis has 10+ points he forgot to spend, but it's too late now.

We were about 30 minutes short of finishing the campaign, which is too bad.  We probably could have made it if people had thought more about what they were going to do in the lead-up week in advance, because that took a full hour.

I allowed a "Defensive Driving" chase action, with -2 to Chase Rolls and +1 to Vehicle Dodge.  Seems fine, especially against large numbers of enemies, where they run a much higher chance of being hit.

I also allowed for the driver to dodge for everybody, which might be too powerful, because sitting dodges are pretty bad.

For the Last Leg, they either have to escape, disable Mr. Smiley's monster truck, keep their car intact for 8 rounds (down to 5 now), OR survive and steal a car in the two hours they have left.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

GURPS DF Free Cities Season 2 Session 3

Argua - Half-Orc Great Axe Barbarian (250+9 points)
Gr√ľkuk Kzaash - Half-Orc Flail and Shield Knight (250+10 points)
Lucas Zombini - Human Cleric of Pelor, the god of the sun (250+9 points)
Masha Deathfoot - Human One-Handed Martial Artist (250+10 points)
Puddin' Nottington - Gnome Thief (250+6 points)
Zephyra - Half-Elf "Fire" Wizard (250+6 points)

Amothius 1st, 2526
While waiting for Puddin' to wake up and for Lucas to recover FP, Zephyra cast Shape Earth on the stone beneath the pedestal with the black book on it, and formed it into a narrow layer which moved towards the door, bringing the pedestal with it.  As it got closer, the book storm started again, but stayed within the room, and soon enough the pedestal and black book emerged into the doorway.

Zephyra took a look at it, and, thanks to Thaumatology, realized that it was a magical security system (similar to the Dehydrate runes) that would end if the book itself was destroyed.  A closer look at the book revealed its cover to be letters found in Common, but arranged in random gibberish, and that the pages inside were all blank.  She crit casting Dispel Magic, which upgraded it to Dispel Enchantment and ended the book storm, leaving books (some of which were found to be hollow and filled with rocks) strewn all around the library's floor.

Now that hundreds of flapping pages weren't ruining visibility, however, the party noted that a dozen or so books were still on the shelves, and seemed to have stayed there the whole time.  Zephyra waited for Puddin' to wake up, and then sent her in to Search the shelves, where she found two spellbooks: Elrem's Curses and The Less Kunsian Book of the Dead.  They were deemed too heavy to carry, so Zephyra concealed them behind other scraps of torn-apart books before moving on.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

GURPS Blood Drive Session 9

Benedict Con - Humourless Repairman
Geordi Hawking - Callous Rifleman
Kaktis - Super-Strong Cactus Mutant

The Reactor
Having just killed a bunch of zombies and given Geordi a NanoBoost to recover, the party decided to check the halls the zombies had came from, to make sure they didn't get ambushed again.  They found metal shrapnel, "burnt" walls, which Geordi determined were actually exposed to extreme cold, as well as a couple of improvised traps designed to cripple legs with a hammer attached to a lever, but thankfully no zombies.

Before continuing on through a set of metal double doors with narrow glass windows, they decided to scavenge the area, and found only useless, broken pumps and hoses.  In the room past the doubles doors were some two-story pressurized gas tanks labelled He3, connected to hoses and nozzles as well as smaller, movable gas cylinders.  There was also a table with some tools, and some thermoses with fittings and regulators installed.  Geordi couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on here, so the party continued across the room to another set of metal double doors, and looked through the windows.

Beyond was a cavernous, open room with flickering lights and a bunch of zombies milling around; Benedict noticed that one of them was wearing a ceramic combat vest and helmet with visor.  A large, metal, warped ring-shaped device built in to the far wall was humming and attached to 4 of the smaller pressurized gas cylinders.  Rather than charging in, the party decided to have Kaktis hold the doors shut while Ben and Geordi shoot through the windows.