Thursday, 31 May 2018

GURPS Blood Drive Session 9: The Jackpot

Benedict Con - Humourless Repairman
Geordi Hawking - Callous Rifleman
Kaktis - Super-Strong Cactus Mutant

The Reactor
Having just killed a bunch of zombies and given Geordi a NanoBoost to recover, the party decided to check the halls the zombies had came from, to make sure they didn't get ambushed again.  They found metal shrapnel, "burnt" walls, which Geordi determined were actually exposed to extreme cold, as well as a couple of improvised traps designed to cripple legs with a hammer attached to a lever, but thankfully no zombies.

Before continuing on through a set of metal double doors with narrow glass windows, they decided to scavenge the area, and found only useless, broken pumps and hoses.  In the room past the doubles doors were some two-story pressurized gas tanks labelled He3, connected to hoses and nozzles as well as smaller, movable gas cylinders.  There was also a table with some tools, and some thermoses with fittings and regulators installed.  Geordi couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on here, so the party continued across the room to another set of metal double doors, and looked through the windows.

Beyond was a cavernous, open room with flickering lights and a bunch of zombies milling around; Benedict noticed that one of them was wearing a ceramic combat vest and helmet with visor.  A large, metal, warped ring-shaped device built in to the far wall was humming and attached to 4 of the smaller pressurized gas cylinders.  Rather than charging in, the party decided to have Kaktis hold the doors shut while Ben and Geordi shoot through the windows.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

GURPS DF Free Cities Season 2 Session 2: Baffled by the Bad Book Blizzard

Argua - Half-Orc Barbarian (250+3 points)
Grükuk Kzaash - Half-Orc Knight (250+3 points)
Lucas Zombini - Human Cleric of Pelor, the god of the sun (250+3 points)
Masha Deathfoot - Human One-Handed Martial Artist (250+4 points)
Puddin' Noddington - Gnome Halfling Thief (250 points)
Zephyra - Half-Elf Wizard (250 points)

New Characters
Zephyra had received a letter naming her Lord Esterad Shadowmantle's heir, but it had been addressed to her old lodgings, and she did not receive it for several months.  She, too, ventured to Isserno, hired Puddin' on because she figured she'd need some (disposable) help to find out what was wrong in her estate, and met with Jeeves at the Bloody Raven in Haverbrook.

The butler was rather embarrassed to tell Zephyra that he had already sent another group of adventurers, led by the noble Lady Argua, to the estate.  Zephyra and Puddin' continued on to the manor at the top of the hill, and followed the tracks in the mud leading to the cellar, where they found the other party.  Zephyra and Argua agreed to settle the issue of the estate after clearing out the rest of the cellar.

Amothius 2nd, 2546
The party showed the newcomers through the hole above the pile of rubble and down the muddy corridor floored with planks to the locked door across the pool of stagnant water, and they stopped to think of a way to get across without going in the water.  After a few minutes of discussion, a handful of leeches jumped out of the water and latched on to Puddin', who panicked and tried to run back down the narrow tunnel (past 5 other adventurers), but slipped and fell.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

GURPS Blood Drive Session 8: Military Base

Benedict Con - Humourless Repairman
Geordi Hawking - Callous Rifleman
Kaktis - Super-Strong Cactus Mutant

The Base
The party continued southeast, and passed through the small town of Gainesville, which was surprisingly unruined, and found out some more about the Safe Zone.  They were heading in the right direction, as most people started their journey to the Zone from Orlando to the south, hoping that all the other refugees would provide cover from the raiders that controlled the region.

They left, and as they drove down the highway, a man with a bleeding stump on the end of one arm and a fancy ceramic vest ran out of the swamps to the right screaming for help.  Kaktis asked Ben to stop so they could see what was up, but Ben just floored it because he was Callous, and getting tired of constantly helping those in need.  After a while, they noticed a highway sign for ------ Military Base, and took the next exit to check for military hardware.

After getting lost a few times, the party finally arrived at a paved compound inside a chainlink fence topped with razorwire, and, going by the heavily worn "DANGER - DO NOT ENTER" signs, figured they must have found the place.  The gate was open, so they drove in, and found that there were only three small one-story buildings on the base, which had been nearly overtaken by the swamps.  Benedict took a look around, and found car tracks that approached the same way they did, before erratically heading off straight through the fence and into the swamp.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

GURPS DF Free Cities Season 2 Session 1: I Smell a Wolf-Rat

Argua - Half-Orc Barbarian (250 points)
Grükuk Kzaash - Half-Orc Knight (250 points)
Lucas Zombini - Human Cleric of Pelor, the god of the sun (250 points)
Masha Deathfoot - Human Unarmed Martial Artist (250 points)

While bumming around the Free Cities looking for things to murder for money, Argua received a letter informing her that her distant relative, Lord Esterad Shadowmantle, had passed away, and that she was due to inherit his manor and lands.  To receive the deed, she would have to meet with Jeeves, Esterad's butler, in the Bloody Raven inn, in the village of Haverbrook, southeast of the Free City of Isserno.

Masha, an old friend of Argua's, agreed to help her claim the estate, and on the way, they met Grükuk and Lucas.  Grükuk agreed to help Argua in exchange for a cut of the swag, while Lucas was happy to dive into danger in order to repent for... something.  They confirmed that the seal on the letter was legit, and boarded a ship to Isserno.

Amothius 1st, 2546
All somewhat-broke, the party left Isserno on foot immediately, the sunshine boosting their spirits.  Several hours down the main road, they came across a man in the distance, his back to them.  He had long, unkempt hair, and his clothes were tattered.  Masha approached to ask if he needed assistance, and the "man" turned, revealing that he had a wolf's head.  The beast seemed startled, and ran off into the forest on all fours.  Though they were lacking in knowledge skills, Lucas confirmed that the creature was not a werewolf, as they are either all wolf or all man.