GURPS: Kung Fu Cowboys

Session 1: Smackdown at the Happy Rancher Saloon
Session 2: Fall of the Mountain Ape
Session 3: The Monster of a Man
Session 4: Twinhorn Gold Mine
Session 5: Sound the Alarm!
Session 6: The Man With the Golden Chains
Session 7: A Mystery in Three Trees
Session 8: The Plot Thickens
Session 9: Train Heist
Session 10: Battle with the Black Dragons
Session 11: Cattle Rustlers
Session 12: Assault on the Black Riders
Session 13: An Impromptu Mystery
Session 14: Assault on the Black Riders: Take Two
Session 15: The Black Centurion
Session 16: The Wonders of Modern Medicine
Session 17: Pagoda of the Outlaw King
Session 18: The End

Setting Info
In an alternate world where gunpowder was never invented, the powers that be must use the awesome powers of the martial arts instead!  For convenience's sake (there needs to be an Old West if the game's going to be about martial artists in the Old West), history doesn't diverge too much other than the initial assumption that gunpowder isn't around.

Due to the tech disparity in weapons not existing in this setting, the colonial powers and the various peoples they oppressed were far more evenly-matched.  As outright conquest through force wasn't viable, colonialism was markedly less brutal.  The trans-Atlantic slave trade didn't exist outside of isolated cases, though white slaves (mostly Irish and Italian) were common, and various indigenous peoples were still enslaved.  The indigenous peoples of the Americas still suffered massive death tolls due to disease, but generally fared better than in the main timeline.

The American Civil War was still fought over slavery, concluded 5 years before the start of the game, and resulted in Union victory.

Game Info
Characters are built on (modified) templates from Action 3, slightly pared down, and with an extra 35 points to be spent exclusively on techniques/skills from a Style, chosen from Martial Arts.

Everybody gets one use per fight of a "Secret Technique" (the Shout it Out! optional rule from Martial Arts) for having Style Familiarity, and may buy more uses as a perk.

Everyone who is Trained by a Master has the Quirk Stereotype for their style, so it's possible to tell how good someone is by how they look and act.

Weapons have been nerfed in order to make unarmed styles more viable:

  • Damage is reduced to the lower of thrust or the weapon's usual damage.  They then get the usual bonuses for Weapon Master, with a further +1 for each of the Unbalanced, Two-Handed, or ‡ qualities it has.
  • Unarmed stylists with Trained by a Master can parry weapons without risking taking damage.
  • Close Combat penalties start immediately, not on the next turn.
  • Cutting and impaling damage multipliers are reduced to x1, except for the Neck, Vitals, Skull, and Eyes hit locations.
  • As a consolation, the Second Wind extra effort option (spending 1FP to reduce 1HP of injury) does not work against weapons.

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