Wednesday, 28 February 2018

GURPS Blood Drive Session 1: "Death" of a Hero

JabbaJeff - Very Fat, Unfit Scavenger
Jack Jackson - Cowboy Hunter
Lan Williams - Mechanic Trader

Having heard of the Safe Zone on the east coast, the party has decided to leave the small village of Rona, on the outskirts of the ruins of LA.  First things first they'll need to get a car, and the only place where everything hasn't already been looted, is the radioactive ruins...

On the Road
The party set off down Highway 91 and started the half-day trek towards the ruins, proceeding without note until they arrived at a cluster of scorched and wrecked cars that had been trying to leave the city, but hadn't made it out of range before the nukes hit.  Lan's Danger Sense went off, and JabbaJeff spotted a bunch of bear traps.  As they made their way through the wreckage while avoiding the bear traps, a pair of arrows flew from the southern hill, and one hit Jack in the chest.

Six men in rags, howling and screaming nonsense, charged down the hill from their hiding places in the tall grass, and the party returned fire, downing two before they made it to the highway.  As the men got closer, they realized that the raiders' brown clothes were actually made of human skin, and that their teeth were filed to points.  Jack yelled out to the party that they were the Hunters, a group of insane mutants, just before he took a second arrow and fell down.

Jabba's sawed-off shotgun made quick work of another two, and, after bashing Lan with a length of chain, the Hunters ran off screaming.  The party decided to save ammo and let them go, and Lan removed the barbed arrows from Jack and closed the cowboy's wounds good enough to get him walking again.

Monday, 12 February 2018

GURPS Waterworld Session 10: The Takahashi Machine

Ai - Experienced Tech
Axe - Mutant Hulk
Cap'n Chang - Lucky Nomad
"Lieutenant" Vaolt - Mutant Trooper

Day 98:
In the morning, the Wizard gave Chang a panic button which would summon him in an emergency, and then disappeared.  The party asked around the village to find out about who was in charge of the Takahashi Machine and were directed to a small hut.  Nobody answered their knocking, so the party barged in to find an old man sleeping under a blanket on a chair.

He was woken up, and informed by Ai (via the hacked nannybot which could translate) that the "County Inspectors" were here to "transfer the Takahashi Machine to another facility", and he offered to lead them to it.  The old man stood up to a surprising height of 7' as the blanket fell away to reveal massive cybernetic limbs, before heading off to the factory with the "inspectors" in tow.

They made it with no problems, and arrived in an empty, dusty room on the ground floor of the factory, with the machine set into a wall, from which Ai and the old man, Wang Chun, removed the 30lb main chip.  As they finished and the old man turned to leave, Axe, Chang, and Vaolt smashed his head into a pulp from behind, and an alarm sounded.

Monday, 5 February 2018

GURPS Waterworld Session 9: The Factory

Ai - Experienced Tech
Axe - Mutant Hulk
Cap'n Chang - Lucky Nomad
"Lieutenant" Vaolt - Mutant Trooper

Day 96:
In the morning, Axe discovered that all of his wounds had regenerated far faster than he had expected, which Ai chalked up to the berserker nanobots in his system.  The party got back on the road early, and came across 4 chrome, skeletal humanoid robots, still a long ways away.  Ai noticed that they seemed to have nozzles in their hands, and tanks in their lower torsos.  Axe advanced while Chang fired a slug at the lead robot's tank, which exploded and lit the robot on fire.

The flaming bot ran at Axe while the others used their flamethrowers as best they could; one was out of fuel, and another's pilot flame was out, but even the working flamethrower and flaming robot had little effect, and they were soon cut to bits.  Again, the Wizard noted that a signal had been sent to bombard the area, and the party ran down the road.

A few hours later, they saw a large cart holding a giant steel sumo robot, being towed by 4 small gnomes.  The party tried to pass without conflict, but the sumo shoved Ai backwards 10' and into a tree.  Axe cut it with his axe, but seemed to barely scratch its thick armour, while Chang ran around behind it, somehow turned on the oversized laser sword he had stolen from the steel samurai, and even managed to cut a deep gouge in the sumobot without disembowelling himself.