Monday, 30 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 5: It All Comes Together

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker

12/08/18 Recon
The lights seemed to be congregating several thousand feet over the barn, and the agents decided to park the SUV behind a "surveillance bush" and observe the situation before making a move.  Both the farmhouse and barn appeared to be abandoned, but a light within the barn flashed as the flying lights passed over it, and then disappeared.  Juan proposed using their last incendiary grenade to burn everything down, and went in alone to do recon, as neither David nor Victor were trained at infiltration.

Up close, Juan noticed that the ground floor windows and doors appeared to be blocked with something, but the hay loft was open.  Through the loft doors, the top floor looked empty.  There were no ladders or rope around, and, after some internal debate over whether or not to just firebomb the barn without more recon, radioed back to the others to meet up with him at the farmhouse about one hundred meters away, where they'd hopefully find something.

The agents checked around and found an old shack with a rusted lock, which they forced open.  The dim light of their smartphone screens revealed a ladder and several gas cans.  Juan took the ladder and headed back to the barn, alone, while the others went back to the surveillance bush.  He set up the ladder, and went into the hay loft.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 4: Another Tragic Electrical Fire

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker

11/08/18 Green Box
While the agents were figuring out what equipment they would need for the raid on town hall, David brought up something that Agent Yung had told him a while ago: the program had secret caches of equipment all over the country, and there was one only a couple hours away.  Figuring they might as well take a chance, the agents loaded up in the SUV and went to take a look.  On the way, Victor contacted somebody selling a used pick-up on craigslist (to be used during the raid, so that the SUV wouldn't be involved), and the agents went by their place and paid cash.

The green box was hidden in a hollowed out tree stump off the side of a country road, and contained the following:
  • A copy of "The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care" by Dr. Benjamin Spock
  • 1x Glock 17 9mm pistol, wrapped in an oil-stained blanket
  • 4x Orion 12-Guage HP Red aerial flares
  • A wicker picnic basket containing a maggot-riddled, half-eaten cat
  • 1x STHIL 440 Magnum chainsaw + 10x bottles of fuel, with 34 tally marks and the phrase "Papulu protect you" on the bar
  • 3x WWII-era #76 Special Incendiary Grenades
The agents tossed the picnic basket, grabbed the grenades, promised to stock another green box when they had the time, and headed back to Waynesboro, stashing the pick-up truck 10-minutes off-road outside of town.  They finished getting their gear ready, making sure to wear balaclavas and plainclothes, and waited until midnight before driving out to get the pick-up, and then drove back to town hall.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 3: Indicators

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker

10/08/18 Contamination

The agents read the instructions for the indicator fluid/"bleach", which told them to spray the suspected target liberally, and that it was mildly caustic ("Do Not Ingest").  Juan grabbed a spray bottle out of the bathroom, cleaned it, filled it with some of the indicator fluid, and then sprayed everybody on the forearm.  The fluid burned a bit and then turned slightly pink, causing 1 SAN loss each.  A test on the tapwater revealed it to be more pink, justifying their decision to buy bottled water.

Somebody remembered that Scott was supposed to be checking out today, so the party got a different room for Jane for a couple more days, again paying cash and continuing to use the "gay lovers" cover.  The agents then moved Jane and all of the supplies in Scott's room to the new one with no issues (though they did make sure to loop the cameras while doing it), and then they headed off to their meeting with Joseph Allen, making sure to bring a handful of audio bugs with them.

Joseph Allen

A different young man was working reception, listening to headphones and not paying attention (Juan: "Millenials, the worst of all monsters"), but got the Alderman for them once they got his attention.  Everybody took a look around for surveillance equipment, and found a single camera watching the reception area.  Joseph, an older man in a suit, came out and introductions were made before he led them back into a meeting room (a smaller side room, not the main one where people had been making noise the night before).

Monday, 9 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 2: Contact

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker

09/08/18 Room 109

Juan was able to calm Jane down, and they ushered her back into Room 109 before she could make more of a scene.  A brief interview ensued, followed by a medical examination by David, where they gained the following information:
  • Jane had experienced missing time, but was unsure of how long.  She left the house one day and was immediately back at her front door some time later.
  • She was eating about 3 times more than normal.
  • She had the same glazed look as her mother when asked about her family and why she tried to hide the pregnancy.
  • Billy-Rae Spivey was the father.
  • The pregnancy was proceeding far faster than normal (6 months in 1).
  • She healed at an accelerated rate (the hole from a needle used to take a blood sample closed instantly).
  • Scott had offered to help her and find a doctor.  He hadn't been back in two days.

Honeymoon Suite

While David performing his examination, Juan and Victor suited up in gloves, booties, and face masks, and headed up to the honeymoon suite and unlocked the front door with a lockpick gun.  The door was jammed closed by a towel along the floor, and had to be forced open.  The unit was dark, as blankets had been taped up against the windows, and smelled strongly of death.  The lights didn't work, the bulbs having been removed, so Juan brought out his tac light, and they searched the place.

In the bedroom, they found two piles of clothes, one folded neatly, the other messily thrown together.  Victor grabbed a laptop and shoved it in an evidence bag, to be cracked later.  Juan headed towards the bathroom, where the stench was stronger, and opened the door to reveal a dark-haired man in his mid-30's sitting in a blood-filled tub, his wrists slit and a hairless, white bulge of flesh on the right side of his skull.  His appearance matched Scott, and Juan and Victor headed back to grab David to do an autopsy.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 1: The Spivey Case

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
A family doctor until his father died in suspicious circumstances.  When the police failed to come up with anything more concrete, he decided to change careers and became an FBI field agent operating out of Virginia.  For several years, he was partnered with Agent Yung, who was secretly a member of the program, until he, too, was recruited.

Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
After several years as an undercover agent planted in a gang in San Antonio to catch a cartel higher-up known as "El Tiburon", Juan opted for the "more stable" life of a DEA field agent, got married, and had a kid.  During a raid on a cartel warehouse, he uncovered a group of cultists performing a human sacrifice using a crystal dagger, and burned the place down by faking a meth lab explosion.

Juan thought he had covered his tracks, but somehow, someone had noticed what he had done.  Instead of being arrested, however, they offered him a place in their organisation, which he foolishly accepted.

Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker
A hacker who never moved out of his mom's house in San Francisco (totally only for financial reasons, the market's crazy), Victor is an aficionado in UFOs, new age magic, and all kinds of other internet conspiracies.  One day, he stumbled onto the "Turkey Organization", a cult that seemed to be actually kidnapping people, and called out to his older brother, Charlie, for help.

The cult turned out to have kidnapped a dozen people, and had conjured some sort of otherworldly avian monster.  Charlie was able to destroy the monster, and the cultists were arrested for their crimes.  "Luckily", the cult had scraped out their captives' eyes and tongues, so nobody other than Charlie or the cultists had seen the turkey monster.  Charlie was recruited to the program first, and Victor soon followed, after receiving his brother's recommendation.

07/08/18 Cover

Victor found a sealed letter on his desk towards the end of the day, and found that it was an invitation to a "birthday party" in Knoxville at the FBI field office at 8AM the next day.  The card told him to bring "lots of presents", so he picked up a stuffed bear on the way to the airport after saying goodbye to his mom and typing off a bogus e-mail about his "grandmother's funeral" to his boss.

David got a call from Agent Yung, who asked him to attend a retirement party in his stead for "Bob" at the FBI field office in Knoxville, Tennessee, the next morning at 8AM sharp.  He left a message for his boss that relayed the exact same story, and headed on his way.

Juan's boss came into his office late in the afternoon and informed him that he'd been assigned to a task force working out of Knoxville under somebody called Delilah Gordon, who had apparently worked with him before and had pulled a lot of strings to get him transferred.  The Administration had already booked him a flight leaving that night, and, after a quick goodbye to his wife and son, he was on his way to Tennessee.