Monday, 9 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 2: Contact

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker

09/08/18 Room 109

Juan was able to calm Jane down, and they ushered her back into Room 109 before she could make more of a scene.  A brief interview ensued, followed by a medical examination by David, where they gained the following information:
  • Jane had experienced missing time, but was unsure of how long.  She left the house one day and was immediately back at her front door some time later.
  • She was eating about 3 times more than normal.
  • She had the same glazed look as her mother when asked about her family and why she tried to hide the pregnancy.
  • Billy-Rae Spivey was the father.
  • The pregnancy was proceeding far faster than normal (6 months in 1).
  • She healed at an accelerated rate (the hole from a needle used to take a blood sample closed instantly).
  • Scott had offered to help her and find a doctor.  He hadn't been back in two days.

Honeymoon Suite

While David performing his examination, Juan and Victor suited up in gloves, booties, and face masks, and headed up to the honeymoon suite and unlocked the front door with a lockpick gun.  The door was jammed closed by a towel along the floor, and had to be forced open.  The unit was dark, as blankets had been taped up against the windows, and smelled strongly of death.  The lights didn't work, the bulbs having been removed, so Juan brought out his tac light, and they searched the place.

In the bedroom, they found two piles of clothes, one folded neatly, the other messily thrown together.  Victor grabbed a laptop and shoved it in an evidence bag, to be cracked later.  Juan headed towards the bathroom, where the stench was stronger, and opened the door to reveal a dark-haired man in his mid-30's sitting in a blood-filled tub, his wrists slit and a hairless, white bulge of flesh on the right side of his skull.  His appearance matched Scott, and Juan and Victor headed back to grab David to do an autopsy.

They arrived and conferred with David for a moment, before being interrupted by a man knocking at their door, wondering if everything was okay, as he had heard screaming.  Though the party responded that everything was fine, he came in anyway, and introduced himself as Frank Karinkula.  He bought a story from Juan, acting under the persona of Jarrett Holer, ufologist extraordinaire, that they had been looking for Scott, but he was out, and they had spooked Jane.

Jane was confused that a DEA agent was lying to some random stranger for no obvious reason, but didn't blow their cover.  Frank offered to pass Jarrett any leads he found about odd goings on before heading out.  David called Derringer to send somebody to pick up a blood sample, and was told to expect a beige SUV and that the password was "sparrow".  After waiting a few minutes, and having Victor loop the motel's CCTVs, Juan and David went back up to the honeymoon suite while Victor stayed back to watch Jane and start cracking Scott's laptop.

Juan set up some task lights while David got closer to Scott's corpse, and just as he flicked them on, the water in the tub began to bubble furiously before a white blob lunged at David, who only barely dodged out of the way before running out.  Juan followed suit, slamming the bathroom door behind them, and the two continued sprinting as the walls started to shake.  Juan made it outside first, and got ready to close the front door once David was through, when David heard a loud clattering noise from the kitchenette behind him and did a combat roll out the door to safety.

Juan slammed the door, and, remembering the towel on the far side, jammed his jacket underneath the door.  As the cabin's walls continued to shake, Juan realized that the blob was moving through the pipes and sprinted around to the rear of the building, where he found a cast iron cover over the water shutoff.  Using a branch as a lever, and after breaking it in half once, he got the cover open, and slammed the water valves off; unfortunately, he was too slow, and the return line continued to shake, though less so, as some of the blob moved away from the house.

Electrical Fire

The party regrouped at room 109, and, after Victor did a snack run for the now ravenous Jane, the agents planned their next move.  David got Jane to agree to get an ultrasound to "check that the baby is still okay", and definitely not to check if it was an alien/blob monster, but, before doing that, they agreed to burn down the honeymoon suite, though Victor voted against it.  The plan was to fake an electrical fire that would start in several hours, while they weren't around, but Victor failed and started a real one, getting harmlessly shocked (1d10-1, GM rolled a 1).

Everybody stayed in the room until they heard Frank shout out "Oh my god, the building's on fire!", at which point Juan went to "investigate", and met up with Frank and the receptionist at the front desk.  The (volunteer) fire department had already been called and arrived soon, as they were just down the road; luckily, they were too slow to save anything of note, and any of the blob that hadn't made it out through the pipes was surely incinerated, along with Scott's body.

While they were putting out the fire, a beige SUV showed up in the parking lot, and David made the handoff while Juan distracted Frank by asking if he'd seen anything that caused the fire, which he hadn't.  The agents decided to wait for everything to calm down before heading to the medical centre to get Jane's ultrasound done, which gave Victor enough time to finish cracking Scott's laptop, which had two files of interest.  One was random, insane gibberish, and the other had some leads about interviews with townsfolk about missing time and slaughtered cattle, which they decided to follow up on later.

Medical Centre

The party drove to the Waynesboro Medical Centre, and, by acting in an official capacity as federal agents in an ongoing classified investigation, were able to secure a private room in which to perform the ultrasound, with David as the doctor.  Juan also convinced the admittance nurse that the father might be dangerous, so Jane, camouflaged with an inside-out DEA windbreaker with a hood, was signed in as Jane Doe.

David performed the ultrasound, and, 30 minutes later, both Jane and the rest of the party were relieved to hear that the baby was normal and healthy, if growing abnormally quickly.  They headed back to the Hurricane Inn, and dropped Jane back at Room 109 with a bunch of groceries to keep her fed.  Victor installed another camera inside the room to monitor Jane in case anything weird happened.  Though she was getting ever more spooked, Jane was ultimately okay with this.

Missing Time

Again acting in official capacity on the drug investigation, the agents went to talk to a pair of people mentioned in Scott's notes as experiencing missing time, both of whom lived well into the countryside.  The first, Bud Aldrich, was a farmer, and they found him out in a small field, tending to some plants the party didn't recognize.  He was friendly at first, but flew into a rage of denial when the subject of missing time was brought up.

Victor bugged Bud's truck on their way out, and they headed to the next witness, Lousia May.  Again, she was friendly at first, but shut down all conversation when questioned about the missing time, and denied ever have experienced it.  Not wanting to risk any overt action, the party decided to check out another lead from Scott's notes: Allen, Barn, Thomas, Jacobs, Cartwright & Anderson never go home.  On the way back to Waynesboro, Victor's search realized they were the town aldermen, and the agents headed to town hall.

Town Hall

By the time they arrived, it was 5PM, and the young man working the front desk said that they would have to make appointment for the next day, so they set one up with Joseph Allen for noon.  To verify Scott's info, they parked the SUV in a corner of the lot and staked out the town hall overnight.  The receptionist left around 7PM ("Wow, 10 hour days, what a trooper"), but, sure enough, eight cars never left the lot, and none of the aldermen ever emerged.

Some midnight recon of the area proved fruitless; the town hall was originally an old and plain church, so there were no big windows for would-be spies to peak through (or breach through).  Pointing a laser mic at one of the small windows got some indistinct murmuring, but storm shutters and curtains were both closed and muffled the sound.  The next morning, the party grabbed breakfast at the diner, then headed back to their room, where they found a "Sorry We Missed You!" sticker from UPS on the door, which said the package was left at the front desk.

10/08/18 The Package

Juan went to pick up the package from the receptionist, found it to be a large, heavy cardboard box that felt like it contained liquid, and brought it back to their room, expecting the worst.  Victor checked the tracking number and found that the package originated from the west coast of Africa, which didn't provide much solace.

They placed the package in the bathroom, where, wearing gloves, a face mask, and a heavy jacket, Juan opened it gingerly with an exacto-knife.  There was a piece of paper, marked with a green triangle, sitting on top of packing peanuts, and the team were relieved to find that the package was just from the program.  Under the peanuts was a plastic container of "Bleach", which the paper explained was actually a solution which would turn fluorescent pink in the presence of "protomatter", and had been tested on samples taken from "Subject BRS".

I think we could have actually stopped the whole blob if we had thought to bring a crowbar, as the branch breaking slowed us down too much.

When it comes to the blob, we're unsure of what to do next; it could conceivably go anywhere.  I think we might have to poison the whole town's water supply.  That or fill the sewer system with natural gas and light it up.

We burned down the honeymoon suite somewhat ahead of schedule, because the GM told us we figured there was a good chance of the blob escaping if we left it for a while.

There was a bit of discussion about whether to check Jane into the medical center under Jane Doe or something else.  Her name really is Jane, so using the same name isn't a great cover; however, it's probably even more suspicious to go with something else.

So far, sleeping in shifts has worked, but we're apparently in trouble if we can't get a solid sleep for another day.

I didn't realize that "Subject BRS" was Billy-Rae Spivey at first, and was annoyed that we didn't get this stuff to start.  Made me feel reaaaaaaaaal stupid.

Typing this up has made me go over Scott's notes again, and it looks like we've ignored a lead about mutilated cattle.  We should probably look into that.

The laser mic recon of the town hall was a retcon; originally the GM said there were no windows at all, and later realized his mistake.

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