Friday, 20 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 4: Another Tragic Electrical Fire

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker

11/08/18 Green Box
While the agents were figuring out what equipment they would need for the raid on town hall, David brought up something that Agent Yung had told him a while ago: the program had secret caches of equipment all over the country, and there was one only a couple hours away.  Figuring they might as well take a chance, the agents loaded up in the SUV and went to take a look.  On the way, Victor contacted somebody selling a used pick-up on craigslist (to be used during the raid, so that the SUV wouldn't be involved), and the agents went by their place and paid cash.

The green box was hidden in a hollowed out tree stump off the side of a country road, and contained the following:
  • A copy of "The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care" by Dr. Benjamin Spock
  • 1x Glock 17 9mm pistol, wrapped in an oil-stained blanket
  • 4x Orion 12-Guage HP Red aerial flares
  • A wicker picnic basket containing a maggot-riddled, half-eaten cat
  • 1x STHIL 440 Magnum chainsaw + 10x bottles of fuel, with 34 tally marks and the phrase "Papulu protect you" on the bar
  • 3x WWII-era #76 Special Incendiary Grenades
The agents tossed the picnic basket, grabbed the grenades, promised to stock another green box when they had the time, and headed back to Waynesboro, stashing the pick-up truck 10-minutes off-road outside of town.  They finished getting their gear ready, making sure to wear balaclavas and plainclothes, and waited until midnight before driving out to get the pick-up, and then drove back to town hall.

The Raid
The agents left the keys in the pick-up, and headed to the back door, which didn't have a camera.  They checked that the room beyond was dark with the endoscope, and then opened it with the lockpick gun revealing a workshed.  David relocked the door, and everybody headed back to the front door, which they unlocked.  Victor was sent in first to loop the camera, hopefully quick enough to not be seen if somebody was monitoring it, and, while cracking the case, noticed that it was connected to some sort of relay that broadcast to a satellite or cell network.

The party moved in, and Victor suddenly felt pressure on his forehead and had a feeling that they shouldn't be doing this ("Wellp, the aliens got me").  They pressed on to the door of the main room, but, as Victor started to use the snake cam, the feeling got worse and his hands started to shake.  When he didn't get any better after a few seconds, Juan took over with the cam and found that the room beyond was unlit.  Just as they got ready to move in, Victor fell to the floor and started to seize and bleed from the nose.

David picked up Victor to take him back to the truck, but Juan opened the door, determined to burn the place down even if they had to abort, and, as he did so, Victor's symptoms disappeared.  Inside was a well-appointed boardroom, though the table was covered in blood and entrails.  The windows were nailed shut from the inside, and the curtains drawn, explaining their issues with the laser mic, and there was a strange carpet with some odd designs of humans doing... something, which Victor determined to be from South America.

There was no obvious way out of the boardroom (Juan: "Trap door under the weird carpet?"), but as they entered to search, weapons drawn, a murmuring sound filled the room.  Victor pulled out his parabolic antenna to try to find the bug on Joseph Allen through the floor, but came up blank, as the murmuring grew louder, and they recognized it as 6 voices chanting in an unknown language.  As the chanting reached its peak, a voice came from the rafters above: "You shouldn't be here".

The agents looked up to see a pale white, eyeless human head attached to an amorphous blob by a stalk as it dropped from the ceiling.  Everybody scrambled out the door, and David and Victor held it shut while Juan readied the first incendiary.  The thing slammed into the door like a truck, splintering the top half as ooze poured through, and Juan threw the grenade as David and Victor sprinted towards the reception before turning to join them.

It seemed as though the white phosphorous was doing its job, but the ooze that had made it through into the hallway kept going.  Juan drew a second incendiary grenade while running and dropped it behind him while David and Victor got ready to slam the front door behind Juan again.  From seemingly all around them, the thing cried out "Mere fire cannot destroy me!" juuuust as the second grenade went off with a *WOOMPH* as the front lobby went up, seemingly along with the ooze ("Another tragic electrical fire!").

They retreated to the truck and drove off "like a normal truck that just happened to be in the neighbourhood" and made their way to the off-road area were they had stashed the SUV, making sure that nobody had any ooze on them.  Once the adrenaline had run its course, the agents had a moment to reflect on what they'd just seen and done.  David and Juan found solace in having destroyed the thing, (and gained 4 and 2 SAN, respectively), but Victor took it worse (and lost 2).  The agents drove back to the Hurricane Inn, leaving the pickup in the woods and finally got some well-earned rest.

12/08/18 Poisoning the Watering Hole
In the morning, David got the results of the blood sample taken from Jane, revealing her to be normal other than some unidentified disease.  Victor made up a fake obituary for his apparently equally-fake grandmother (his grandparents on his father's side are two gay men thanks to a crit luck roll) to legitimise his excuse for leaving work.

The agents thought a bit about how to deal with the contaminated water supply, and, after some terrible ideas (pour a shitload of drugs and/or bleach in the resevoir!) called Agent Derringer at the FBI and asked him to use some agency clout, while lying about being contaminated themselves.  It'd take about 3 days to get ready, so they'd have time to do other stuff.

The agents started towards the sheriff's office, in an attempt to shape the narrative about town hall burning down, but stopped on the way when they saw a bunch of construction workers tearing the town hall down.  A quick chat with the foreman, Chester, informed them that it was scheduled to be demolished that day, and then continued on their way to Sheriff Dan.

Dan was in his office, and he confirmed that town hall was scheduled to be torn down.  The agents then headed on back to town hall, this time flashing their badges.  Chester remarked that he was surprised to see FBI agents twice in one day, and that he'd need to see a warrant to let them in.  When questioned about the other agents, he thought one was named Vance, and that they had shut down the site for an hour while they looked around.  The agents debated about whether they were just FBI, aliens, or Men In Black.

They tried Derringer, but got his answering machine (probably busy with setting up a quarantine on an entire town's water supply).  Juan left a message asking about other FBI agents in the area and if they should attempt to cooperate, and the other two left emails asking for more time off (Victor to console his family, and David saying that his mom got cancer).  They then decided to go check out the reports of lights and helicopters in the countryside.

After questioning some more farmers and doing recon, they found that all of the reports took place inside of a 3km radius.  After the sun set, they headed back to where the helicopter sightings had been and settled in.  Nothing happened until midnight, when they saw the strange lights.  It was apparent that they were neither helicopters, planes, nor satellites; it seemed as though the stars themselves were moving.  Victor discerned that they were blinking in some sort of pattern, but couldn't decipher it.

Several of the lights grew brighter and stopped blinking; Juan gave chase as they slowly headed into the east, passing through farmer's fields and destroying a fair bit of property in the progress.  Eventually, the lights seemed to slow and gathered over one of the farms in the 3km radius where the lights had been seen.  The agents started the drive down into the valley where the farmhouse was, ready to discover whatever these things were up to.  And kill them.

The GM used some sort of random generator for the green box, and decided to drop some things from the list, including my personal favourite: a fully-functioning meth lab.

One nice benefit of playing online: you can use Google streetview to show pictures of buildings instead of just describing them, which the GM did for the town hall/church.

There was some discussion of setting up a stingray to hack town hall's smart meters, so we could potentially turn off the power, but it was determined that we couldn't spare the day it'd take to set up.

"Burn it all down" is 2 for 2 against eldritch horrors.

Juan added "Kill Aliens" as a Motivation.

David's "my mom has cancer" excuse worked because he is a loner with no Bonds other than Agent Yung.  Normally a terrible idea, but it worked in his favour here, because nobody will send flowers or look into it.

The current proposed idea for "sanitizing" the white pick-up is "purify it with fire".

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