Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Delta Green: Convergence Session 3: Indicators

Dr. Agent David Trentmen - FBI Agent and former Medical Doctor
Juan Estevez - DEA Agent and former Undercover Cop
Victor Blue - FBI Intelligence Analyst and Hacker

10/08/18 Contamination

The agents read the instructions for the indicator fluid/"bleach", which told them to spray the suspected target liberally, and that it was mildly caustic ("Do Not Ingest").  Juan grabbed a spray bottle out of the bathroom, cleaned it, filled it with some of the indicator fluid, and then sprayed everybody on the forearm.  The fluid burned a bit and then turned slightly pink, causing 1 SAN loss each.  A test on the tapwater revealed it to be more pink, justifying their decision to buy bottled water.

Somebody remembered that Scott was supposed to be checking out today, so the party got a different room for Jane for a couple more days, again paying cash and continuing to use the "gay lovers" cover.  The agents then moved Jane and all of the supplies in Scott's room to the new one with no issues (though they did make sure to loop the cameras while doing it), and then they headed off to their meeting with Joseph Allen, making sure to bring a handful of audio bugs with them.

Joseph Allen

A different young man was working reception, listening to headphones and not paying attention (Juan: "Millenials, the worst of all monsters"), but got the Alderman for them once they got his attention.  Everybody took a look around for surveillance equipment, and found a single camera watching the reception area.  Joseph, an older man in a suit, came out and introductions were made before he led them back into a meeting room (a smaller side room, not the main one where people had been making noise the night before).

The agents kept the cover of investigating Billy-Rae Spivey's sudden drug-fuelled rampage, and found out that Joseph thought poorly of him and his friends, who tended to hang out at the town resevoir (Joseph: "Teens").  Joseph didn't know where Jane was, though he claimed to have seen her two days prior; a definite lie, though it seemed as though he was telling the truth.  He also kept up the story that it was "tax season", and stuck to it even when confronted.

When asked if he'd seen anything strange recently, he brought up the "UFO" sightings and some crop circles (Joseph: "Probably teens"), and mentioned that the "butchered animals" were probably just some farmer trying to commit insurance fraud.  David brought up Nancy's apparent drug use, but Joseph just replied that she got into alcohol occasionally ("Women, am I right?").  Once their interview was done, Juan shook Joseph's hand and planted a bug in his coat pocket, while Victor hung back a bit and also bugged a potted plant in the side room.

Sadly, they didn't get to see into the main room on their way out.  While snacking on some jerky and microwave ramen (sealed food only!), the agents discussed what to do next, and decided to look into the mutilated cattle in the area and some crop circles.

Mutilated Animals and Crop Circles

Jeff Owens had had three cattles mutilated in separate instances, and had then seen some lights in the hills, which he thought might have been flashlights.  He then showed the agents on google maps where he'd found the cattle and seen the lights, which had been off his property.  They were able to narrow down the area the lights had been to a ~30km square area, which included several other farms, but nothing more specific, as this had all taken place too long ago.  The other mutilated animals were also old, so they decided to check out some crop circles instead.

Bo Larame had found a pair of crop circles on his land, and (after making sure MacGuyver was recording on his VHS), agreed to show the agents.  Bo took an ATV while the others followed in their SUV.  At the second, which was more recent, Juan noticed an imprint from a helicopter's landing skids, and Victor did some online research which confirmed that the "crop circles" were actually just noise-suppressed helicopter landings.


Just before heading back to the Hurricane Inn to get some sleep, the agents pulled up to the 7/11 across from Town Hall and bought some crap while Victor used his equipment to try to ping his bugs; he got the one in the plant easily enough, but the one on Joseph wasn't anywhere in the building.  All of the cars that had stayed overnight were still there, and there were no clues on the other recording.

Juan figured they must be in some sort of basement, and everyone agreed that they needed to burn the building down.  Despite discovering that they were all infected with protomatter, the team got a good night's sleep.

11/08/18 Resevoir

The agents decided to take a look at the resevoir, and Victor researched if the reception area camera could be compromised remotely, but determined that it could not.  There were remnants of campfires and some empty beer cans, but no signs of cult activity.  They took a sample from the resevoir and tested it.  The vial immediately turned bright pink.

Juan headed over to a building with some work trucks out front and questioned the employees inside.  They'd seen more lights, which had made some sort of night, but other than some rowdy teens, nobody had seen anything.  David did some hands-on research with a sample of the town's water to see if they could find a way to treat it, but came up empty.  With that done, the agents started their prep for the raid on the Town Hall.

While discussing whether or not they should just break into a motel room and stuff Jane in there, Victor noted that they had "never broken the law yet", which everyone agreed with.  Arson?  What arson?  You're the arson.

David suggested planting drugs on Joseph to get an official reason to search the town hall more thoroughly; sadly, Juan had none on him.

Our group's default response to the question "How do we deal with this unnatural thing?" appears to be "By fire be purged!".  It'll probably work fine for Town Hall ("Tragic, two electrical fires in one week"), but I have a suspicion that it won't work so well for the water supply.

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