GURPS DF Free Cities

The Free Cities of Kirai
Game Summaries
Session 1
Session 2: Arrival in Carda
Session 3: Wyvern Hunt
Session 4
Session 5: Into the Mines
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8: Mindflayer Attack
Session 9
Session 10: Necromancer Battle
Session 11: Leaving Carda
Session 12
Session 13: Hobgoblin Ambush
Session 14
Session 15: Hobgoblin Battle Part 1
Session 16: Hobgoblin Battle Part 2
Session 17: Hobgoblin Battle Part 3
Session 18: Leaving Adusia
Session 19
Session 20: An Eventful Night
Session 21: The Third Asilos Raid
Session 22: The Grand Tournament Begins
Session 23: To Chryssa's Rest
Session 24
Session 25: The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Thicker
Session 26: I Want To Get Off Of Mr. Ooze's Wild Ride
Session 27: The Ride Never Ends
Session 28
Session 29: Adventures in Bookkeeping
Session 30: Battle With The Stone Axe Orcs
Session 31: Battle At The Stone Axe Camp
Session 32: Back Into The Mines
Session 33
Session 34: The Great Skeleton Battle
Session 34a: The Great Skeleton Battle Part II

Session 35: The New Party
Session 36: Troll Hunters
Session 37: Into the Ruins
Session 38: Battle of the Alchemy Lab

Session 39: The New New Party
Session 40: The Mystery of the Druids
Session 41: Carnage Demons
Session 42: The Temple of Baphomet
Session 43: Black Star Trading Company
Session 44: Dynamic Entry
Session 45: The Great Beast
Session 46: Demonslayers
Session 47: The Broken Swords
Session 48: Battle of Carda
Session 49: Battle of Carda Part II
Session 50: Ambushed in the Iron Forest
Session 51: The Tower of Power
Session 52: Exploding Sabatons
Session 53: The Iron Golem
Session 54: Crispy-Fried Bard
Session 55: The Brass Dragon
Session 56: The Long Way Around
Session 57: Deals and Dragons
Session 58: Acid Spiders and Assassin Vines
Session 59: Funeral for a Hero
Session 60: Stirges and Slayings
Session 61: Murder Mystery
Session 62: Birds and Basilisks
Session 63: The Final Battle Part I
Session 64: The Final Battle Part II
Session 65: The Final Battle Part III
Session 66: The Final Battle Part IV
Session 66a: The Final Battle Part V

Season 2
Session 1: I Smell A Wolf-Rat
Session 2: Baffled By the Bad Book Blizzard
Session 3: How Not To Deal With Heavily-Armoured Foes
Session 4: Fundraising
Session 5: The Lawbringer
Session 6: The Necromancer
Session 7: The Plot Thickens
Session 8: Wyvern Ambush
Session 9: They're in the Trees, Man!
Session 10: Chimney Sweeps
Session 11: Spooky Scary Skeletons
Session 12: New Friends and Angry Giants
Session 13: The Dark Sorcerer
Session 14: Uncle Ruckus' Finest Hour
Session 15: Giant Law
Session 16: Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up
Session 17: Halflings in the Mist
Session 18: Dude, Where's My Necromancer?
Session 19: He's an Acne Cream Entrepreneur
Session 20: The Long Way Home
Session 21: Against All Odds
Session 22: Journey to the Swordfish Islands
Session 23: Across Hot Springs Island
Session 24: Got Your Nose!
Session 25: More Gold Than Anyone Can Carry
Session 26: The Ruins of Hot Springs City
Session 27: Bathhouse Time Machine
Session 28: A Needle in a Sexy Haystack
Session 29: Time is Running Out
Session 30: Bribery and Bureaucracy

Retired Characters

Setting Information
Free Cities of Kirai

Game Info
-250 point DF characters to start
-New characters start at 250 points but gain double XP until they catch up to the next-lowest party member
-Templates are strictly followed, except for background skills within reason
-Training in something not on a template requires a teacher
-Lenses from DF3 are allowed, and grant access to anything on the lens class' template, but not Power-Ups
-Perks from DF11 are allowed
-Power-Ups from DF11 are allowed, but require a teacher

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