GURPS Galactic Merchants

Game Summaries
Session 1: You're Invited!
Session 2: The Best Laid Plans

Setting Info
A millenium has passed after the old Empire fell in the Twilight Wars, the regional powers so devastated that they were forced to retreat to their home systems to rebuild.  Trade has stagnated, transfer of knowledge has ceased, and only a handful of ships with still-functioning hyperdrives still ply the hyperlanes each year.

One month ago, the Solar Federation peacefully re-established control of the Centauri system, originally one of their colonies, and have made an offer: they will repair hyperdrives in exchange for the owners doing odd jobs for them.

Game Info
-Action in spaaaaaaaaace, but with fewer gunfights.

-All weapons/armour/gear use TL8 stats, but space opera aesthetics (blasters instead of guns, holographic displays instead of paper, Star Trek TOS flip communicators instead of cell phones).

-Custom spaceship rules that shouldn't come up much, as this is intended to be 3-4 sessions max.

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