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GURPS Free Cities Session 66a: The Final Battle Part V

Damien - Human Infernal Sorcerer (300 points)
Morgan Merkle - Human Mentalist (326 points)
  Boras Stormtouched - Human Initiate of Kord, the god of battle and storms (136 points)
Sindri Blackshield - Tiefling Knight (325 points)

Day 196 (Cont.):
Amothius 36th, 2526
Weather: Clear
Sindri stood his ground as Thrag eyed him down and circled slightly, while telling him that the strong deserved to rule, not to defend the weak.  Sindri responded that defending the weak was the greatest kind of strength, and continued to wait for Thrag to make the first move.  Damien tried to Dispel Magic on Thrag to get rid of Reverse Missiles, but failed, while Morgan moved to the edge of the roof to prepare a Mind Blast, and Boras flew over to heal Sindri.

The orcish soldiers moved to grab throwing spears out of the bodies behind them, while the wizard simply rested.  Eventually, Thrag made his move, and Sindri interrupted him with a pair of blows, only to be parried, feinted, and hit twice in the skull and once in the torso, knocking him out and back into Boras.  Damien tried, and failed, to Dispel Magic again, while Morgan failed to Mind Blast Thrag, and Boras failed to Awaken Sindri before being killed by Thrag.

Morgan tried to flee, but was hit by a throwing spear, passed out from his wounds mid-air soon after, and eventually bled out.  Damien flew away to survey the situation, and, upon seeing that Thrag's men took Sindri prisoner, flew back down.  Damien offered surrender, as he didn't care about the city, and was more interested in setting up a meeting with devils; something the orcs seemed more capable of doing.  Thrag's wizard cast Sleep, and Damien did not resist.

Their greatest general defeated, the town of Carda soon fell, the duke surrendered and was taken prisoner, and Kyra, his daughter, married to Khagan Thrag the Immortal.

Sindri was woken up by a bucket of water, and Thrag made him an offer: rule over the human villages to the east, in exchange for an oath of fealty.  He refused, and was subsequently executed.

Damien was asked to prove his loyalty by executing several nobles who had refused to serve Thrag, and did so with no hesitation.  He was tutored in the diabolical arts, and soon summoned a pit fiend to discuss his heritage, in exchange for his soul...

Noteworthy NPCs:
Hestius the Gold escaped to Etriada through unknown means, and seeks to hire adventurers to rescue Kyra.

Dugald Ironheart was captured but subsequently freed, having taken an oath of fealty to Thrag.

Bertio Addon was captured and executed by Thrag, to secure his rule.

Luccio of Valonde escaped capture but sustained serious wounds, and his whereabouts are unknown.

Sabriel managed to escape unharmed, and has fled to the Haven Islands.

Yong Han survived but took heavy wounds, and the majority of his forces were killed or captured.  He was returned to the Temple of the Jade Eye by Jung.

Jung survived the battle unharmed, and has assumed de-facto leadership of the Temple of the Jade Eye until Yong Han recovers.

Sindri would have stood a much better chance if he had spent his 20 saved points on boosting Flail and Shield.  Oh well.  It would also have been much better had Virgil been alive.

Damien is being retired by his player, though he may show up as an antagonist in future games.  He now has Excommunicated, having sold his soul for knowledge of his infernal heritage.

It was noted that Reverse Missiles is OP, but it's just very good, as are Great HasteHawk Flight, PK Bolt, Mind Blast, etc.

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