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GURPS Free Cities Session 62: Birds and Basilisks

Damien - Human Infernal Sorcerer (288 points)
Morgan Merkle - Human Mentalist (317 points)
  Boras Stormtouched - Human Initiate of Kord, the god of battle and storms (133 points)
Sindri Blackshield - Tiefling Knight (325 points)
Virgil the Grim - Human Barbarian-Swashbuckler (318 points)

Day 184 (Cont.):
Amothius 24th, 2526
Weather: Clear Skies
After Lyn's execution, the party debated what to do.  Morgan wanted to stay at the temple and study under Evard for a bit, but they ultimately decided to go pay off Dakrolaen, the brass dragon, with the money they had just been given.  Morgan Telesended Hestius to tell him of their plan and the reinforcements from the temple, and he told them they still had time, because there was still no sign of the orcs that had gone north to the swamps.  Damien cast Hawk Flight on everybody to fly down the mountain in short bursts, rather than taking the long route spiralling around, and from there they continued on foot.

Day 185-186:
Weather: Rainy and Windy
The party made reasonable time, and encountered nothing of interest.  Boras was in particularly good spirits due to the weather.

Day 187:
Weather: Slightly Smoky
Late in the day, the party arrived at Dakrolaen's overlook, where it was once again sunbathing, and noticed that the kobolds in the hills had built crude fortifications.  They approached Dakrolaen, and it accepted their payment, making sure to count the gold before thanking them for their business and sending them on their way.  They decided to take the long way back to Carda rather than sneaking through the orc lines, but made little progress with what little was left of the day.

That night, on Damien's watch, 6 dog-sized beetles came out of the forest, followed by one the size of an ox.  Luckily, the party was woken before the beetles could come close; they only succeeded in partially melting Sindri's leg armour with their corrosive bites before the big one was slain with a PK Lash to the skull, which caused the little ones to scatter.  Virgil tried out its meat, and discovered that it was edible, but not particularly tasty.

Day 188:
Weather: Rain and Severe Wind
Nothing of interest.

Day 189:
Weather: Light Rain
Around noon, they saw the glow of fire off in the distance, so Sindri had Hawk Flight cast on him and went to scout.  He discovered that it was the four Fire Men that had fled with them from the Iron Mage's tower (well, probably; it's hard to tell), and attempts were made to speak to them, until everybody remembered that nobody spoke the language or was good with Gesture.

Luckily, Damien was able to improvise Gift of Tongues, enabling Morgan to speak to them for a few minutes, at least.  The Fire Men did indeed remember the "friends of the Sabriel", and were convinced to help in exchange for help finding their way back to the Plane of Fire, though nobody in the party had any idea how they might do so.  They also arranged a gesture that either group would perform when they wanted to speak to the other.

Day 190:
Weather: Clear Skies
The party was now on the outskirts of the forest, near to the orc encampments surrounding Carda.  In the afternoon, they heard the sound of horses nearby, and decided to hide.  Rather Unluckily, Sindri tripped over a log and made an awful racket, attracting the nine orc mounted patrol that was in the area to investigate.  Only Virgil managed to hide, but the others opened fire (except for Sindri, who tried to regain his feet).

Between Damien, Morgan, and the Fire Men, the party had ranged superiority, and Virgil sprung his ambush on a pair of orcs who had tried to run down Sindri.  Two fire men were badly injured in the initial charge, but within two seconds, all but two orcs were dead or incapacitated, and the survivors made to flee.  Damien had a different idea, and cast Hawk Flight on Virgil, who chased after and slammed the riders at Move 30, unhorsing and killing both at the cost of great harm to himself.

Boras healed Virgil, but decided he didn't know enough about elementals to try his spells on them.  Damien again improvised Gift of Tongues on Morgan, who asked the Fire Men how they could help, and they responded by telling him to build a fire.  Despite the rain the day before, Virgil was able to light a small fire thanks to Survival, and the two injured Fire Men were placed on it.  After a short time in the flames, their own bodies burned bright once more, and the party got back on their way.

Day 191:
Weather: Sun Shining, Birds Singing
The day was uneventful, save for Boras' whining about the good weather.  On Morgan's watch, a small, bat-winged rooster emerged from the forest, causing a severe burning sensation all over his body.  Morgan realized it was a cockatrice and immediately closed his eyes while calling out to wake up the party, warning them that merely looking at the beast would result in being poisoned.

Sindri opened his tent, eyes wide open, only to be treated to the sight of the cockatrice, causing him to close his eyes and flail blindly after it.  Virgil stumbled around blindly, feeling the ground and trying to find and strange the beast, while Damien and Boras just stayed in their tents.  Morgan pulled out his shaving razor to try to look at the reflection, but at just the same time, the cockatrice walked back in front of him.  After another jolt of poison, he launched a PK Lash at it, killing the beast.

Virgil then found it and ground it down to a fine paste with his bare hands, and then, despite Morgan's warning, tried to eat some.  After taking a bunch of damage, he then tried to dispose of the body, but, thanks to a lack of Hazardous Materials (Magic), accidentally got some in his mouth, causing him to be even more wounded.  Fortunately, Boras crit his Major Healing on Virgil, and got him back up to full in a single casting before healing up Morgan.

Day 192-193:
Weather: Stormy
Other than Sindri's wounded eye finally recovering, nothing interesting happened until the second night, when a basilisk entered the camp on Morgan's watch.  Luckily, it didn't see him, and he was able to kill it with a single PK Lash to the skull before it had the chance to turn him to stone.

Day 194:
Amothius 34th, 2526
Weather: Stormy
The party made it back to the secret passage into Carda in the afternoon, only to find that there was an orc encampment directly on top of it, at least 30 strong.  They realized that the orcs must have found the entrance after the party using it so much with the orcs on high alert, and made plans to assault the camp...

It was pointed out that Jung is leading the Jade Eye forces, and that he probably doesn't like the party for them having some part in the execution of his (probable) girlfriend, so their loyalty is questionable.

I need to do the math and figure out if it's faster for them to fly at high speed for 6 minutes and then rest for 100 minutes than to just walk.  It MIGHT work out in the Iron Forest, because of the harsh terrain penalties (speed x0.2) being avoided, and high speed of flight (Encumbered Move x6).

I've somewhat neutered random encounters to have fewer enemies, to prevent long, pointless battles.  As a plus, they mostly no longer gain XP from them.

My favourite plans to attack the orc camp:
-Cast Hawk Flight and Armour 5 on Virgil, have him fly in and attack the orcs with his Reach 3 greatsword from outside of melee weapon range while also being immune to arrow fire
-Catch a cockatrice and throw it in the middle of the camp

2 for general success
1 for roleplaying to Virgil (Curious led to him eating the Cockatrice) and Sindri (Unlucky resulting in him tripping and alerting the orc patrol)
MVP went to Damien for general utility

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