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GURPS Free Cities Session 58: Acid Spiders and Assassin Vines

Damien - Human (?) Sorcerer (262 points)
Morgan Merkle - Human Mentalist (311 points)
          Brother Maurice- Human Initiate of Avandra, the goddess of freedom and luck (162 points)
Sindri Blackshield - Tiefling Knight (315 points)
Virgil the Grim - Human Barbarian-Swashbuckler (318 points)

Day 178 (Cont.):
Amothius 18th, 2526
Weather: Smoky
The spiders continued to bite Virgil and Sindri, dealing lots of damage to both, while Morgan alternated between Mind Blast and Madness to disable the rest of them.  Damien fried the spider nearest him with lightning and it stopped moving, while Maurice broke free of a web to move down the trench towards Virgil so he could start healing.

One spiderman repeatedly stabbed Virgil in the vitals with his spear, while the other successfully webbed Damien, who broke free and, along with Morgan, burned it to death.  Sindri managed to beat the spider biting him into unconsciousness and break free, and the spider pinning Virgil passed out.  The last spiderman ran away up the tree, and the surviving spiders were slain, while Sindri and Virgil rested.

Maurice spent the next several hours resting and casting healing spells, and then had to set up camp (at default from Survival (Plains)), as the wounds they had sustained had halted their progress for the day.  Vigil was cast on Sindri, who downed two healing potions and was back into the positives, and the rest of the party rested, though Healing Slumber was not cast on Virgil in case they needed him during a night attack.  Luckily, nothing attacked.

Day 179:
Weather: Smoky, Light Rain
During the time Morgan spent meditating in the morning, Brother Maurice managed to get Virgil back up into the positives, and the party continued on the way back to Carda through the Iron Forest.  They made decent progress, and set up camp late in the day.

On his watch, Sindri saw a strange orange plant rolling towards their camp, and woke the rest of the party.  Virgil identified it as an octopus blossom, a carnivorous plant that could indeed eat people, and Morgan fired a Pyro Bolt at it.  At that point, three assassin vines dropped from the trees onto Damien, Morgan, and Maurice, and began to strangle them, while another octopus blossom rolled in from the forest.

Virgil cut up one of the vines, and Sindri ran towards the second blossom, while the others struggled with the vines.  Sindri was grappled, and landed a pair of good blows despite this, but then lost his morningstar thanks to a bad streak of Unluck, and was forced to punch his blossom into submission.  Virgil made progress on the vine strangling Damien, but accidentally hit Morgan while trying to free him, wounding him severely and knocking him over.

Morgan set the vine around his neck on fire, while Virgil succeeded at knocking the one strangling Damien off with his sword, but not before the sorcerer passed out.  Maurice continued to be strangled, and Sindri was unable to harm the blossom with his fists.  The vine that had been strangling Damien attached itself to Virgil's neck instead, while the first blossom came into range and tried to grapple him.

While being strangled, Virgil managed to cut the blossom down over several turns, but in the meantime, Maurice was strangled to death.  Morgan finished burning the one around his neck to ash, but was below 0 and didn't want to move in case he passed out.  Virgil headed over to help Sindri, but he finally punched the blossom out, and Virgil's right leg was grappled by the assassin vine that had killed Maurice.

Sindri tried to help remove the vine choking Virgil, and, working together to overcome the exhaustion from being suffocated, they succeeded.  The one on Virgil's leg was cut off with Maurice's sword, and the party settled down to rest as best they could.  Damien was fed some healing potions to get him awake again, while Morgan passed out.

Day 180:
Amothius 20th, 2526
Weather: Smoky, Light Rain
In the morning, the party took stock of the situation.  With no healer, and several heavily wounded party members, progress would be slow, and they weren't even sure if they could make it back in time to help Carda before Khagan Thrag arrived and the orcs attacked again.  They debated on what to do next...

The hit Morgan took from Virgil was more damage in a single hit than he has otherwise taken in the campaign, total.

Morgan's Fortify 2 Medium Plate gorget certainly paid for itself in this encounter.

Sindri is at Move 1 for another day, so their travel speed will be 1/3 of what it normally would until he recovers, at which point it will be at all of 2, thanks to Damien needing another couple of days' rest.

They seem to intend on bringing Maurice's body back with them for a proper burial, but might have to leave it behind, simply because of weight restrictions.  They'll probably want to strip at least some of his gear (Deflect 1 Small Shield, Fortify 2 Light Plate Body Armour).

It's likely that Virgil will be sent ahead to scout, in the hopes of avoiding more combat during the journey.

1 for minor progress
1 for roleplaying to Morgan (Pyromania) and Sindri (Unluckiness)
2 for combat
-1 for Maurice's death
MVP went to Morgan for knocking the spiders unconscious

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