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GURPS Free Cities Session 41: Carnage Demons

Locke Landen - Human Bard (252 points)
Sindri Blackshield - Tiefling Knight (260 points)
Virgil the Grim - Human Barbarian (258 points)

Player Absent:
Morgan Merkle - Human Mentalist (259 points)
          Brother Maurice- Human Initiate of Avandra, the goddess of freedom and luck (126 points)

Day 119 (Cont.):
Weather: Thunderstorm
Date: Peris 6th, 2526
The red men demons continued to maul each other on the floor as the Windstorm subsided, while the eagle pecked Morgan in the chest repeatedly.  The party converged on Morgan to help him, but the storm elemental hit Virgil with a lightning bolt from behind, stunning him.  Maurice healed Morgan, and Virgil and Sindri finished off the eagle before moving onto the demons.

Morgan failed to Mind Stab the (brainless) elemental, while Locke tried and failed to Mind Control it.  The hostile demon was finished off, and Sindri began climbing one of the standing stones to get within range of the elemental while Morgan, the only person with a ranged attack, occasionally hit it for 2 damage hit Kinetic Lash.  The elemental took more shots at Virgil's back, but missed most of them.

Sindri fell off, and, after about 10 more seconds of firing lightning at the party without a response, the elemental got bored and flew off.  Locke ordered the mind-controlled dire wolf and demon to lie down and close their eyes, which resulted in their swift deaths.  Sindri inspected the altar, which was covered in blood drawings of a minotaur surrounded by knee-high stickmen, but found nothing else of note.

Maurice noticed that the druid's brigandine was divinely enchanted, and upon closer inspection it was also Fine, had a nice fur trim, and a brass bull head in the center, so Locke took it to sell.  After some healing, the party rested for the night.

Day 120:
Weather: Thunderstorm, Perfect outside the druid zone
Locke noticed that the brigandine had magically resized to fit him overnight, declared that it was probably cursed, and decided against wearing it.  The party headed back the way they had came, but, due to the horrid weather near the druid circle and a failed Hiking roll by Brother Maurice, made very poor time, and sheltered for the night in the abandoned cave they had found last session.

Day 121:
Weather: Perfect
Date: Peris 8th, 2526
As the party finished striking camp, they observed a vulture demon (identified as a Vrock by Brother Maurice) flying away from the side of the hill.  After a quick search, and a bit of climbing, they found a 6' high cave entrance and headed inside, using Morgan's lantern for light.  The cave was narrow, and soon spun down into an open spiral ramp.  Part-way down there was a 9' gap where tree roots had burst through and disrupted the earth.

Virgil, Locke, and Sindri climbed down the roots, while Morgan and Maurice jumped across with a running start.  At the bottom of the ramp was a skeleton wearing bright red robes, the skull lying a bit away and showing bite marks.  Maurice noted that the robes were also enchanted, so Locke pocketed them, and the party continued down a straight, narrow passage.  They arrived at an old rotted wooden door, and Virgil charged through.

The room beyond was a 30' wide roughly elliptical pit, with overlooks to the north and west up small cliffs.  Six large, rusted animal cages covered most of the floor, and loose bones were lying all over.  In the center of the room were 4 of the red men (identified as Evistro, or carnage demons by Brother Maurice), one of whom was wearing a crown.

The demons closed supernaturally quickly and held Virgil at the narrow entryway, preventing the rest of the party from attacking.  Maurice cast Haste 2 on Sindri, who swapped places with Virgil.  After knocking one of the demons back, Sindri ran in through the gap to flank, and accidentally knocked another demon in front of the hallway, blocking Virgil in.

Luckily, the demon ignored Virgil in favour of Sindri, and Morgan and Maurice moved into the room to establish a foothold and inadvertently blocked Virgil into the hallway.  Sindri took several attacks (including two crits) to his unarmoured neck, but stayed standing, and landed a series of attacks to the evistro's skulls, stunning them.  Virgil made it in and followed up with attacks at the skull and neck, while Locke failed to Mind Control the demons, and Morgan used Kinetic Lash to deal some damage.

Despite their heavy wounds, which erupted with almost-comical amounts of blood all over the room, the demons seemed to be barely affected.  One of them latched onto Sindri's neck, and managed to worry for more damage before being Commanded by Locke to back away.  Maurice focused on healing Sindri, and Locke managed to Mind Control the fourth demon he tried.  The mind-controlled demon latched onto one of the others' foot, dragging it down, while Virgil finished off the other two.

The battle was over quickly, and the mind-controlled evistro executed (although it did break free).  The party noticed that their wounds were bleeding far more heavily than usual, but several quick castings of Stop Bleeding took care of that.  Locke took the evistro's crown, and settled in to rest for a while.

The party really had no way to deal with the storm elemental.  Luckily it wasn't interested in finishing them off.

Should allies in a 1-hex hallway be able to change places by taking a Wait (Step forward and Attack when my teammate steps into my hex)?  Not sure.  Not really a huge problem either way, but I'll have to look it up.

Sindri has a full helm, which means he should have had No Peripheral Vision, and his side hexes would have been back hexes  He would have been hit 2, maybe 3 more times.

2 for general success
2 for the druid combat (1 for Morgan)
1 for the evistro combat
1 for roleplaying (Impulsive for Virgil, Unlucky for Sindri)
MVP went to Sindri for being the punching bag and dealing some damage

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