Wednesday, 18 May 2016

GURPS Free Cities Session 7

Arc Sol - Human Cleric of Pelor, the god of the sun (272 points)
Aurum Red Brand - Human Wizard (270 points)
Mor'ath Enanqua - Elven Swashbuckler/Thief (276 points)
Zaxod - Half-Orc Knight (269 points)

Day 9 (Cont.)
Zaxod stood his ground at the door and killed one lizardman (the unarmed/sluggish ones who didn't smell as bad) while Mor'ath readied his shield and the maul-wielder went Berserk.  Aurum and Arc started moving/standing towards the fight, two rooms away.

Zaxod de-legged the other unarmed lizardmen, which was finished off by Mor'ath.  The berserker charged at Zaxod and hit him in the skull for just under 30 damage, which knocked him out of the doorway (though he miraculously stayed standing).  Before Mor'ath could plug the gap, the remaining 6 lizardmen flooded through the door and began attacking (though not hitting) both of them.  Aurum and Arc continued moving towards the fight.

Zaxod removed a leg from one lizardman, then another, while Mor'ath missed some eye-stabs.  The lizardmen with legs continued to attack and be parried/dodged, and Aurum and Arc made it to 10m away from the room the fight was in.

Zaxod continued leg-chopping while Mor'ath evaded through a lizardman towards the door to the main hall and then eyestabbed him.  The berserker charged Zaxod again but was parried, almost breaking Zaxod's good axe for the second time in two days, while the other lizardmen didn't succeed at much beyond cutting Zaxod off from the door.  Aurum was finally within range and began casting a Great Haste for Mor'ath while Arc continued moving to back up Mor'ath with his quarterstaff.

The berserker had his leg crippled, and Mor'ath and Arc took out another lizardman, but then the fight took a turn for the worse.  The prone berserker's next attack hit Zaxod in the skull, he failed his dodge roll (despite using one of his Tactics rerolls and only needing a 12), and he fell down unconscious at around -70HP.

Aurum finally got his Great Haste off, and from then it was mop-up.  Mor'ath killed the only lizardman with both functioning legs, finished off the berserker (who continued to attack even after being blinded while prone) after something like twelve eye-stabs, and then killed the rest of the crawling lizards.

Mor'ath now took a look around the room and noticed a hole in the floor, leading to another room 10' below filled with a thick green smog that smelled similar to the "lizardmen" and what looked like random garbage.  The party argued over whether to retreat before healing Zaxod and eventually decided to fall back to the armoury and close the door while Mor'ath stood guard outside.

While they were carrying Zaxod's body across the main hall, Arc noticed a large grey humanoid with no eyes at the bottom of the stairs, watching them.  He greeted it, but it retreated without saying anything.  The party then made it back to the armoury and started healing Zaxod. Two Major Healings, four Minor Healing Potions, one Minor Healing, and 25 minutes later, Zaxod was awake and headed out the door to stand guard with Mor'ath.

Just as Zaxod opened the door, Mor'ath felt a strange compulsion to walk over to the main hallway, so the half-orc followed him.  He felt a similar compulsion but resisted it, and noticed a tall purple humanoid with tentacles instead of a mouth standing on a levitating bronze disc.  Noticing the dazed look on Mor'ath's face, Zaxod yelled out "Arc and Aurum HELP".

Mor'ath has Impulsive from being an elf as well as Overconfident, so he didn't really have much choice but to push on.

Forgot probably 1/3 of the stench rolls, and the only failure was Luck'd by Mor'ath.

One of the lizardmen managed to roll a critical success on an attack, which was then re-rolled by Zaxod, resulting in another critical success.  Sadly, he missed on the third roll.  RIP lizardman #4, you were the luckiest NPC I've ever seen.

Zaxod loves him some leg cuts.  Maybe too much, because most of the attacks on the legs would have one-shot the lizardmen had they been to the torso.  It was sub-optimal for the berserker, who still managed to almost kill him while crippled.

Attacks to the skull are scary, as the group found out when Zaxod took damage that would have auto-killed anyone else.  Zaxod says he plans on getting a better helmet, which I wholeheartedly recommend.

The group's decision to rest in the dungeon ultimately came down to two characters having Overconfident and both casters being very low on fatigue.  It might have worked better had Mor'ath not stayed outside and been vulnerable, or they might have been horribly ambushed.  Who knows.

1 for partial failure
1 for roleplaying
1 for the hardest fight (lizardmen outnumbered them 2:1)
0 for completing quests
0 for loot
MVP went to Zaxod for removing the legs of 5 lizardmen, crippling the legs of 2, and killing 1.

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